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DJ Think


Rising from the year 2006, Dj Think started his career as a disc jockey and RnB

(Mash up) still remains his choice today. With the influence of many international Djs such as Jazzy Jeff, Dj AM, Dj David Guetta. Dj Think can aggressively play the music and adjust the flow on the dance floor.

Along his journey as an RnB Dj, he has been bearing the title of one of the top 10 best Djs for the version of Pioneer Pro Dj, in RnB mash up category in 2008, the second winner in the Dj battle competition Centro The Club in 2008, and the favorite best Dj for the version of Centro Campus club.

Dj think has participated in many of the best clubs in Jakarta since 2006 until present. He has performed not only in Jakarta but several other major cities in Indonesia, and even foreign countries.

Throughout his career, he has been able to collaborate with other popular hosts.

His great taste in music has made him to be considered as one of the top Djs who always surprises the crowd with a blend of house, hip hop and RnB sets.


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