The Angels Project


The Angels Project provides sound system, lighting system and professional DJ equipment.

Sound and Lighting System

We provides sound system package and also lighting system capacity up to 15000watt with audio system by RCF and Huper using Soundcraft digital mixing console and full backline drumset Pearl Vision maple birch, Key RD700GX and Roland Amp Key, Amp Bass Gallien Krueger, Amp Guitar Marshall JCM900 and Roland Jazz Chorus. For lighting system available PAR LED, freshnell, Moving light beam, gunsmoke and follow spot light. For other purposes can be adjusted needs of the event as by request.

Professional DJ Equipment

We provides professional DJ equipment set such as Pioneer CDJ2000-NXS2 and DJM900-NXS2, Pioneer CDJ2000-NXS and DJM900-NXS, Pioneer XDJRX, Turntables Technics 1210MK etc. For other purposes can be provide as by request.

More info please contact:

087770001366 (active whatsapp)