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Renza Moors

Started from the profession as an artist and a model in 2006, the name of Renie Renza is quite known in this society. The clubbing world for her is a place where she can spend the moment for a relaxation to eliminate over her saturated daily jobs. She began to learn more about the clubbing world in the year of 2009 and watched thoroughly the performances of other DJs, not only local but also international Djs in the indoor and outdoor dance scene events.

Her interest in the dance scene made her to feel the need to seriously learn to be a Dj. In the end of 2008, she joined the Dj school and after that she changed her name to Dj Renza Moors.

Many famous Djs have inspired her music such as Deadmau5, David Guetta, Starkiller, John Digweed, Sasha, Dusty Kid, and also local heroes that listed as the first liners in Jakarta dance scene such as Bobby Suryadi, Remy Irwan, Tosse, Naro, Cello, Stereopigs and many more.

Unlike others, Dj Renza is able to beautifully stimulate your ears with quality tracks, groovy baselines, and melodic glitch sounds that surely hypnotized the crowd to shake their body with her selection of fabulous tracks on her set…

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