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The Angels Percussion blitzing its way to put new color on dance music scene with sophisticated talent. Created by Uzie Anggana in the end of 2006 play with several partner helping her way to be known as a group of professional percussionist. The Angels Percussion duo formation today is Uzie Anggana and Ochy Rasyada.

In response to a calling to give their best in every performance, The Angels Percussion always try to be creative and innovative with their music and concept. It is proven with their 1st single produced by music producer Wiwied Wicaksono, The Angels Percussion released “Ratu Malam” featuring DJ Delizious Devina from 1945MF and Leeya on the vocal at the end of 2011. At the following year the 2nd single “Drum Line” featuring DJ Think and Benda on the vocal was released, and another music producer Mocharizma also produced it. In the year of 2013 another track of The Angels Percussion titled GAMELAND (Sound Of Bali) released, an instrumental song that’s inspired by the beautiful land of Bali. On 2015, The Angels Percussion release their single track with Thomas Ramdhan (GIGI) as their music producer, name of the track is DOCTOR DOCTOR and it’s available on iTunes.

Due to The Angels Percussion’s wide selection of music from traditional to modern themes made them able to give many variety performances. Its professional outlook to being percussionist as a business they often play for many type of events such as corporate, public entertainment, TV show, club party and many others. The Angels Percussion always makes a great impact with their music as well as their spectacular performances on the stage.


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